Educators are evaluated in accordance with the Educator Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth (E-PE/PG) System as described in the 2017-2023 Handbook.

Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee meets bimonthly to review the E-PE/PG System and address any issues that have arisen. Members are:

Chris Record, Superintendent (Chair)

Michelle McClellan, District Administrator Representative

Jason Manjourides, School Administrator Representative

Troy Eastman, School Administrator Representative

Susan Dana, Cape Elizabeth Education Association Representative

Terese Roberts, Cape Elizabeth Education Association Representative

District Non-Classroom Educator Representative

Cam Rosenblum, Pond Cove Elementary School Teacher Representative

Kris Moniz, Cape Elizabeth Middle School Teacher Representative

Michael Young, Cape Elizabeth High School Teacher Representative


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Peer Visit Tutorial

Mini-Observation Tutorial

Mid-Cycle Conference Tutorial

Summative Conference Tutorial