Mrs. Hollowell's Class enjoys lunch outside on a half day

It is constantly amazing how teachers and students demonstrate flexibility during this strange school year. Students wear masks all day and socially distance throughout the building, all with a smile on their face (or on their expression). 

Teachers at Pond Cove have gone above and beyond (like they always do) to ensure that students feel safe, welcome, happy, and cared for. Whether it's the individual yoga mats purchased by a classroom teacher for students flexible "seating", or the outdoor desks for mask free learning opportunities, teachers never cease to amaze with their creativity, and all in the name of student happiness and education. 

Mrs. Hollowell took the opportunity of a half day "snunch" (snack and lunch), to bring her students and her outdoor desks to the front of Pond Cove for a sun soaked mask free break. 

Thank you Mrs. Hollowell and all of the teachers at Pond Cove for what you do for our students all day, everyday.