Our Next Family Event is Coming Soon!

The Pond Cove eTeam is hard at work creating our next family event of the year. The event is specifically for second through fourth-grade students and their families. This time the team is working on an event dedicated to Digital Citizenship. Being a digital citizen means that you are safe and respectful online, balance your time with screens, stand up to cyberbullying, and protect your private information.

The eTeam has created a Kahoot pretest so that students can test their prior knowledge about digital citizenship choices. Students and families will then participate in a Choose Your Own Adventure, made with Google Slides.  Next up is a BreakoutEDU all about digital citizenship. Finally, students will retake the Kahoot to find out how much they have learned.

After all of the events, students will fill out a Google Form to indicate their overall score from their final Kahoot and give reviews so that future teams can improve the event. As we have done in the past, students can also sign up for a 3D prize created by a member of the eTeam. 

The eTeam students have chosen the theme of Medieval times and all activities have to do with knights, wizards, and dragons.

The event will be held virtually starting on Tuesday, April 13th. The eTeam students will be available for Zoom assistance on Wednesday, April 14th, in the afternoon, but all activities will be available through Google Classroom for families to complete whenever they have time.