Third Grade Students Become Movie Makers

The 3rd-grade students and staff at Pond Cove Elementary school have started their new Technology Integration block. This three-week block will center around the integration of writing and technology and in this case the app iMovie.

Students will begin by exploring the app and its many features. Students will make a short film about an apple making sure to include title slides, transitions, and Ken Burns effect. Students will also explore music and filters because they can add so much to a movie (and they are fun!)

This will all lead to the main project which uses iMovie and the Green Screen feature so that students can record and then Green Screen their opinion writing pieces. Pond Cove has ordered enough neon green poster board so that all students can create their own green screen environment at home. By doing this students and staff can adhere to the CDC guidelines for mask-wearing at school, while allowing students to still participate in the Grade 3 green screen project.

Students in 3rd grade will also learn to use a safe search engine in order to find images for their green screen background. Students will use images that are copyright free and we will start the conversation about giving credit to images that do not belong to you. This will go along with the scope and sequence of digital citizenship at Pond Cove and throughout the district. 

Stay tuned for updates and hopefully some amazing green screen opinion speeches!