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The School Board is responsible for developing and approving policies to guide administration of our schools. These policies are separated into 11 categories:

Each section has its own family of subcategories - codes that are accompanied by descriptor terms that identify titles for policy statements. The first letter identifies the section. Within each section there are subcategories with a broad policy followed by related policies with more details.

Some policies have related procedures, rules or guidelines (listed on this page under "Procedures"), which are updated and implemented by administrators.  

Some policies also have related examples, exhibits or forms that may be used to help the School Board carry out the policy. These are listed under the "Forms" heading.

Required Plans - Links to required plans appear at the bottom of this page.

Procedure Manual

Request Professional Qualifications of Staff

Section Title
Foundations and Basic Commitments - The District's legal role in providing public education and the basic principles underlying school board governance. These policies provide a setting for all of the school board's other policies and regulations.
Board Governance and Operations - The school board - how it is elected; how it is organized; how it conducts meetings, and how the board operates. This section includes policies establishing the board's internal operating procedures.
Policies Procedures Forms
BBAA School Board Member Authority and Responsibilities        
BBAB Student School Board Representative        
BCA School Board Code of Ethics        
BCB Board Member Conflict of Interest        
BCC Nepotism        
BDB Board Officers        
BDC Board Appointments        
BDD Board/Superintendent Relationships        
BDE Board Standing Committees        
BDF Board Advisory Committees        
BE School Board Meetings        
BEA School Board Use of Electronic Mail        
BEC Executive Sessions        
BEDB Agenda        
BEDBA Agenda Format        
BEDD Rules of Order        
BEDF Voting Method and Quorum        
BEDG Minutes        
BEDH Public Participation at Board Meetings        
BG School Board Policies        
BIA New Board Member Orientation        
BIB Board Development        
General School Administration - School management, administrative organization, and school building and department administration - including the administrative aspect of special programs and system wide reforms such as school - or site-based management. It also houses personnel policies for the superintendent and executive team.
Policies Procedures Forms
CB School Superintendent CB-R Superintendent Job Description    
CBI School Superintendent Evaluation        
CHD Administration in Policy Absence        
Fiscal Management - School finances and the management of funds, material resources, purchasing and warehousing. Policies on the financing of school construction and renovation, however, are filed in Section F, Facilities Development.
Policies Procedures Forms
DB Annual Operating Budget        
DF Fundraising DF-R Fundraising Administrative Procedures    
DFF Student Activities Funds        
DJE Bidding and Purchasing Requirements        
DN School Property Disposition        
Support Services - Non-instructional services and programs, particularly those on business management such as safety, building, and grounds management, office services, transportation, and food services.
Facilities Development - Facility planning, financing, construction and renovation. It also includes the topics of temporary facilities and school closings.
Policies Procedures Forms
FA Facilities Development Goals        
FF Naming of School Facilities        
FFAA Memorial Scholarships        
Personnel - Personal Polices for all school employees except for the superintendent and executive team.
Instruction - The instructional program: basic curricular subjects; special programs, instructional resources, evaluation of programs, and academic achievement.
Policies Procedures Forms
ICAA Religious Holidays        
IGA Curriculum Development and Adoption        
IHBA Individual Education Plans        
IHBAA Referral/Pre-Referral of Students with Disabilities        
IHBAC Child Find Policy        
IHBB Gifted and Talented        
IHBEA Programs for Students with Limited English Proficiency        
IHBG Home Instruction Program        
IHBGA Home School Participation in School Programs        
IHCDA Post Secondary Enrollment Option        
IHOA Student Travel and Field Trips    



Student Travel/Field Trip Authorization Form

Student Travel/Field Trip Information and Parent Consent Form

IIB Class Size        
IJJ Selection of Educational Materials     IJJ-E Citizen's Challenge of Educational Media Form (pdf format. Acrobat Reader is required to view)
IJND Cape Elizabeth School District Website/Web Pages        
IJNDB Student Computer and Internet Use IJNDB-R Student Computer and Internet Use Rules    
IJOC School Volunteers IJOC-R School Volunteers/Procedure/Form    
IKAB Student Progress Reports to Parents        
IKB Homework        
IKD Honor Roll        
IKE Student Progress through the Grades        
IKF Graduation Requirements        
IKFA Early Graduation        
IKFC Awarding of High School Course Credit Prior to Grade 9        
ILA Assessment System        
ILD Student Survey and Marketing Information        
IMB Teaching About Controversial/Sensitive Issues        
IMBB Accommodations for Sincere Beliefs in Required Instruction        
IMG Animals in the Schools        
Students - Admissions, attendance, rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline, health and welfare, and school-related activities.
Policies Procedures Forms
JEA Compulsory School Attendance        
JFAB Admission of Non-resident Students        
JFABB International Exchange Student Program        
JFABD Education of Homeless Students        
JFC Dropout Prevention Policy        
JG Student Placement within the Schools        
JGAA Assignment of Students to Classes (Five-Year-Olds)        
JHB Truancy        
JHCA Use of Unscheduled Class Time for High School Seniors        
JIC Systemwide Student Code of Conduct        
JICA Student Dress        
JICB Care of School Property        
JICC Student Conduct on School Buses        
JICH Student Use of Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco and Other Prohibited Substances JICH-R Student Use of Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco and Other Prohibited Substances Procedures    
JICIA Weapons, Violence & School Safety        

Bomb Threats (must be in student handbooks) (or Code EBCC)

JICK Bullying & Cyberbullying        
JID Students of Legal Age        
JIH Questioning and Searches of Students and Students' Locker/Storage Facilities JIH-R Questioning and Searches of Students and Students' Locker/Storage Facilities Administrative Guidelines    
JJH Interrupted Study        
JJI Athletic Policy - Philosophy and Beliefs        
JJIAA Concussions        
JJIAB Private School Students - Access to Public School Cocurricular, Interscholastic and Extracurricular Activities     JJIAB-E1 Private School Students - Application for Participation in cocurriculars (pdf)
        JJIAB-E2 Private School Students - Application for Participation in extracurricular (pdf)
        JJIAB-E3 Private School Students - Verification of Eligibility for Participation in cocurriculars (pdf)
        JJIAB-E4 Private School Students - Verification of Eligibility for Participation in extracurricular (pdf)
JJIBB Sportsmanship        
JJIBC Athletic Booster Organizations        
JJIF Athletic Policy - Sanctioning of Sports        
JJIG Athletic Policy - Evaluation of Coaches        
JJJ High School Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities Eligibility and Code of Conduct        
JK Student Discipline        
JKAA Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion JKAA-R Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion Procedures    
JKD Suspension of Students        
JKE Student Expulsion JKE-R Student Expulsion Guidelines    
JKF Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities JKF-R Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities (Administrative Guideline)    
JL Student Wellness        
JLCA Sharing Medical Information between School and Home        
JLCB School Immunization Policy     JLCB-E Yearly Immunization Exemption Form (pdf)
JLCCA AIDS (HIV) Attendance Policy        
JLCD Administering Medicines to Students        
JLCE First Aid        
JLCEA Managing Students with Food Allergies        
JLDBG Reintegration of Students from Juvenile Correctional Facilities        
JLF Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect JLF-R Child Abuse Reporting Procedures JLF-E Child Abuse Reporting Form (pdf)
JRA Student Education Records JRA-R Education Records and Information Administrative Procedure (Administrative Guideline) JRA-E Annual Notice of Student Education Records and Information Rights
School Community Relations - Parent and community involvement in schools. Statements on public sector relations with the District, except for policies concerning education agencies.

Required Plans

(Under Construction)

Request Professional Qualifications of School Staff

The Cape Elizabeth School Department receives Title 1 funds.

Under the Act, parents of children attending the Cape Elizabeth School Department may request the professional qualifications of their child's teachers.

Parents may request information related to state certification, highly qualified status, emergency certification, and degrees as well as information about the qualifications of paraprofessionals.

This information is available by contacting Cathy Stankard by telephone at 207-799-2217 x268, or by email, cstankard@capeelizabethschools.org

last updated 05/14/2016