Lean on me!

Good morning all,

For the past 4 weeks, I have been working with students in the jazz program to create this video. I wanted to pick a song that seemed fitting for our times and something that was doable given the circumstances.

What you see (and hear) below is the culmination of countless hours of work from all involved. I offered this up to any student in the jazz program and many wanted to be involved (including a guest appearance by Hadley Johnson, incoming Freshman). 

The one disclaimer - most virtual ensembles you see floating around social media are professionally engineered; I am REALLY proud of our students and what we were able to accomplish given my limited technical savvy.

Incidentally, we started work on all this the week before Bill Withers died so our work took on a double meaning.

Please enjoy!

Michael Scarpone

9 - 12 Band Director
Cape Elizabeth High School