On September 8, 2020, the Cape Elizabeth School Board approved the establishment of a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force.

The mission of the DEI Task Force is "to create and begin to implement an action plan designed to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Cape Elizabeth Schools, with a focus on curriculum, professional development, and climate/culture."

The DEI Task Force meets biweekly and has adopted these norms.

Current membership includes:

Heather Altenburg, School Board Chair

Kate Atkinson, Grade K Teacher

Nate Carpenter, CEHS Assistant Principal

Emilee Conroe, English Learner Teacher

Janna DeWan, CEHS Art Teacher

Karen Ferry, Grade 1 Teacher

Bri Gallagher, PCES School Counselor

Erin Hill, CEHS English Teacher

Sashi Kaufman, Grade 7 Experiential Learning Teacher

Amanda Kozaka, CEMS Library Media Specialist

Andrew Lupien, CEHS Math Teacher

Erica Marcus, CEMS Mindfulness Director

Erin Nelsen, CEMS Speech-Language Pathologist

Leon Daniel Okitosongo, CEHS French Teacher

Megan O'Neill, PCES School Counselor

Mary Page, CEHS Social Studies Teacher

Joanna Payne, Grade 8 Humanities Teacher

Stephanie Royal, CEMS School Counselor

Jeff Shedd, CEHS Principal

Michelle McClellan, Assistant Superintendent, DEI Task Force Chair

Melanie Thomas, Town of Cape Elizabeth Civil Rights Committee Co-Chair

Montserrat Torras Salvador, CEHS Spanish Teacher

Chris Record, Superintendent

Liz Yarrington, CEHS English Teacher

DEI Task Force 2020-2021 Report

Racial Equity Institute - The Groundwater Approach