Student Project on Mental Health

This project has been designed and submitted by a student at Cape Elizabeth.

Project Background

Grace Taylor, a junior at Cape Elizabeth High School, class of 2023, had the idea for this website while in a partial hospitalization program for Anorexia Nervosa. During her treatment, Grace began thinking of ways she could help others struggling with eating disorders, and this project was born. This website, however, is not only for those with eating disorders. Grace quickly realized how mental health conditions are interconnected and how vital it is to have help from peers and adults. Her work was part of the Extended Learning class in 2022 coordinated by Sarah Plummer, where students work on projects related to personal passions, skills, or interests. 

To ensure website information is helpful and relevant, Grace sent a survey to high school parents. Website content has been vetted by Cape Elizabeth School Department (CESD) health, administrative, and athletic staff.  

CESD strives to "empower students with the academic, personal, and social knowledge and skills needed to build balanced and purposeful lives." One way to meet this goal is through positive mental health and knowing how to help friends or children. Grace hopes these mental health resources will help at least one child or family.