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Dear Cape Parents/Guardians,

I am happy to share the results of the air quality tests performed by Abatement Professionals, collected Tuesday (2/28/23) afternoon, in the Pond Cove Elementary classrooms and hallways impacted by the flood and also in an unaffected classroom in both 1st & 2nd grade. The results are excellent! These findings speak highly of our rapid recovery response as well as the effectiveness of our ventilation system. As a reminder, the ventilation system was significantly overhauled during the pandemic and equipped with I-Wave NBPI technology. I personally contacted the lab technician who analyzed the report to get some perspective. She informed me that these results indicated cleaner air than most students would likely find in their homes.

Hopefully, this news will help relieve any lingering concerns from the flooding event. Please know that safety is a major focus area of the maintenance/custodial department and our District Leadership Team. Results of the air quality test can be found  on the school's website [links below]. We will continue to monitor air quality going forward.

David Bagdasarian
Facilities Director

Pond Cove Elementary Air Results - March 1, 2023

EPA School Flood Clean Up Guidelines